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Unapologetically Plaid!

Cyclemeisters is one of the top cycling clubs in western Canada and a member of the Alberta Bicycle Association. We average 60 members of all ages, all cycle disciplines and abilities.

In the last few years, we have been particularly well known for our successful junior riders, who have represented Alberta at national events and represented Canada at international events. Our long term plan is to continue our successful junior development and club program.

We are known for our unique kits and our 2 legendary cycling events that we hold each year, The Organ Grinder Enduro Race and the Dark Knight Cyclocross Race.

2015 will be Cyclemeisters 41st season of Stomping the Competition.

When you’re turning the crankset, you’re riding the bike. When you’re coasting, you’re just along for the ride.Ned Overend