2018 Dark Knight CX

  • October 18, 2018

Well, we’re back at it again for another year of the Dark Knight. For 2018 we’ll return to the Kings-land Community Centre park as that was just too much fun in 2017. ‘Wait, I didn’t race there last year’ you say??? That’s because you were too damn chicken to come out and race in the cold and
snow like all the other people that showed up and had a great time. Your loss!! Oh well, you can
redeem yourself by showing up and seeing why this is such a great venue.

We’ll do a repeat of last years schedule and the ARKHAM race will again be the final race of the
evening and will reward those that make the Dark Knight so damn great … the crazies!!! You know
who you are. You dress up, you decorate your bike, you come out for a good time, and you
couldn’t give a crap about your result.

ARKHAM will be available for you as a stand alone race if it’s your only race for the evening or you
can enter your usual category and then also sign up for ARKHAM. Like always, the Dark Knight will
not be part of the ABA ‘Cross Cup series (more on this latter) Field limits will be in effect for this race, … so sign-up early and don’t be disappointed!!!

Date and Location

Saturday, October 27th at the Kingsland Community Center Park


Registration is available on www.Zone4.ca until 11:59pm on Thursday, November 2nd. There will be absolutely no race day registration … sorry, but there will be no exceptions. Please note again that there will be field limits.


$50 for Senior racers, $40 for those in the Newbies/ Cat D start. $10 for kids 12 and under in the Newbies race. $10 for the ARKHAM race. The Robin’s Race for the kids is free … just show up and giver’. There will be no late fees but please sign-up early on Zone4 anyway.

Field Limits

We know there are a lot of you that are looking forward to this race but field limits will be in effect. 70 riders per start … so for the last time – sign up early!!!

Tech Guide